Many poor patients in our community, who are suffering from multiple diseases like cancer, hepatitis, TB, SLE, kidney failure, heart problems, stroke, spin injuries, road traffic accidents, burn injuries, unintentional injuries, injuries during natural disaster, etc., are referred to TARS Foundation regularly for financial assistance in their treatment. These are those poor patients who cannot afford to bear their long term and expensive treatments but due to their white collar, they cannot beg for their treatment. Such people really need our support thereby not only helping them financially but also keeping their dignity and self-respect.

Patients Support

Under this program, TARS Foundation sponsors the full treatment expenses of poor patients who are referred to us for financial support for their treatment. Until now TARS Foundation has supported hundreds of poor patients in their treatment and continues to financially assist many more poor patients. Our support with patients range from bearing the expenses of operation to full treatment and medications till the patients are fully recovered.

When any such poor patient is referred to us, our verification team including a medical expert examines and verifies the patients’ poverty and genuineness of their disease and medical condition from different sources and aspects. Once we take the responsibility of sponsoring the treatment expenses of a poor patient, we make sure that his/her treatment goes smoothly and is not suffered due to financial problems.


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