TARS Foundation® is a most trusted and successful non-governmental, non-profit and non-political charity organization registered in KPK province of Pakistan under KPK Charity Commission Act 2019, Social Welfare Ordinance XLVI 1961 and the Societies Act XXI 1860, working since 2015 to provide Timely Aid and Relief Support (TARS) to the needy people within KPK Province, mainly in Peshawar and connected areas.

Founded by a local patron – Abdul Majid Qureshi and then joined by other volunteers determined to make a difference, the foundation has since then supported thousands of families and many other individuals in various aspects.

The name “TARS” is derived from the abbreviation of Timely Aid & Relief Support, which is our slogan in Urdu as "بروقت امداد اور مصیبت سے نجات میں سہارا" and this word "TARS" when pronounced also depicts Urdu word “ترس”, which means to have sympathy, and compassion of helping any living creature in need.



After 2010, with the fast-growing use of social media sites (specifically Facebook) throughout the world, unfortunately majority of these sites’ users from Pakistan were found discussing politics, and spreading negativity on social media sites, thereby not only wasting their time but also losing their abilities of doing something positive and productive for their country.

That was the time when Mr. Abdul Majid Qureshi, from Peshawar Pakistan, an IT Specialist in an engineering company in Peshawar, who was enthusiastic about helping the needy people of his city Peshawar, and had been already feeding the homeless people daily from his own salary, thought about changing people’s mind about making the positive use of social media sites. He started to highlight his humanitarian works on social media for the purpose to divert the people’s mind from spreading negativity into doing something positive for their society and Country.

Within a very short time, inspired from Mr. Majid’s noble cause over social media, people from inside Pakistan and abroad joined his cause of helping the needy people. In just few years, that mission of feeding only a few homeless people by Mr. Majid by his own salary, spread and with the monetarily and voluntarily support of his followers, transformed into helping thousands of people in different ways, which later on resulted into the inception of a well known charity organization, namely TARS Foundation.

" The Ex-Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan praising TARS Foundation’s work during his speech in Peshawar on 13-Dec-2018 "


TARS Foundation, being a multi-sectoral charity organization, provides financial aid to the poorest communities in Peshawar and connected areas who are suffering from poverty and/or having financial problems in fulfilling their basic living needs and/or passing through tough times due to financial crises. We have combined technology, resources and manpower to deliver aid and relief support to the needy households, including widows, orphans, disabled, elderly, patients, homeless, vulnerable and all those affected by poverty.

All of the work is totally supported by donations that common people from across the world offer in the various forms including cash, food, clothing, shelter, medicines, sponsorship, adoption, advocacy, education and volunteering.

We accept all types of charity including Zakat, Sadaqah, Fitrana, Kafarah, Lillah, General Charity, and we make sure to utilize these charities in the relevant sectors according to Islamic Shariah.

For list of our help sectors, please visit the Our Causes link.

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Our Core Team Members

Abdul Majid Qureshi

Founder & President

Rizwan Ahmed

Vice President

Syed Waqar Akbar

General Secretary

Tahir Khurshid

Joint Secretary

Abdul Moin Qureshi

Finance Secretary

Muhammad Haroon Khalil

Press Secretary

Rehmatullah Meer

Office Secretary

We are having great concern about helping to improve the welfare and happiness of the needy people.


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