For low-income countries like Pakistan, a very large segment of the population is either homeless or housed in inadequate housing. According to a survey conducted by UNDP in 2016, revealed that forty percent of Pakistan’s population live in “multidimensional poverty”. The PDP Foundation estimates that there are 20 million people in Pakistan without housing across the country and majority of them live in big cities. The majority end up in slums and other informal settlements. Others settle at shrines, under bridges, flyovers, on pavements and road dividers.

Though we at TARS Foundation cannot provide proper shelter to all the homeless people in our community due to the limitation of resources, yet we try our level best to provide free food on daily basis, and clothing and other kind of support on occasional basis to the homeless people.

Homeless People Support

One of the prominent helping sectors of TARS Foundation is Homeless People Support. In fact the inception of TARS Foundation is based on providing all the possible support to the homeless people living in our community. The three main types of help by TARS Foundation with homeless people include:

1. Daily Free Meal Distribution
2. Clothes Distribution
3. Cash Distribution

1. Daily Free Meal Distribution

Lunch Distribution in Slum Areas of Peshawar: In our daily lunch distribution program, free cooked meal is daily distributed in 4 slums of Peshawar in around 300 to 400 people since 2016. These are those families who have migrated to Peshawar from Sindhi, Balochistan and Punjab provinces in search of jobs in Peshawar. Unfortunately, due to poverty, they are compelled to live in self-made shelters with no basic living facilities.

Dinner Distribution in Shelter Houses of Peshawar: Apart from distributing daily lunch in slums areas, TARS Foundation is also distributing daily dinner since 2017 in the two Govt. Shelter Houses in Peshawar, located on Pajjagi Road and on University Road backside of Khyber Teaching Hospital. In these two Govt. Shelter Houses, daily labors, passengers and homeless people come for staying over the nights. Daily around 300 to 400 people are served.

Below are

Successful Story of a Disabled Homeless Man

During our lunchboxes distribution activity in 2016 on different roads of Peshawar in homeless people, we found a handicapped homeless man namely Muhammad Alam under a bridge. He seemed disabled by-birth and his full body was disabled including his both hands, both legs, and his speaking ability was also defected. TARS Foundation moved him to our Food Store in Gulbahar Peshawar where we temporarily provided him a shelter and started taking care of him with the support of our cooking staff. He stayed in our Food Store for about 10 months during which we provided him our best care support including clothes, foods and medications. Later on, we approached Edhi Shelter Home in Islamabad and shifted Muhammad Alam to Edhi Shelter Home in Islamabad.

Below are few videos of Muhammad Alam about how we found him and how we took care of him in our Food Store and later on how he was shifted to Edhi Shelter Home in Islamabad.

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